Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Novelty Item

I have a very talented sister; she is very creative with her cards and rubber stamp work. When I visited her last she showed me her blog and encouraged me to do the same. I wasn’t sure at first, but after checking out a few knitting and crochet blogs, I am slowly warming up to the idea. I have learned a few things already from reading other people postings.

So here I am writing my first post. I mentioned in my profile I like making novelty items…well, this little doggie poop bag holder is my latest creation that caused my hubby to roll his eyes skyward.

The bag holder is attached to the leash, this way we wouldn’t run out of bags for cleaning up after Poppy. I thought the grey holder is made of strong plastic and would last, but it didn’t. The buckle broke. Also each commercial brand is designed to hold different roll of bags. So only the grey roll of bags can go in the grey holder. The blue roll won’t.

I was going to replace the bag holder with another commercial one but then thought better of it. I crocheted one instead. I made the holder big enough to hold any roll/types of bags.

Materials: 4 Ply worsted weight 100% cotton yarn by Peaches & Crème Two 10mm Marble Beads Five 6mm White Alphabet Beads Crochet hook size: 4.00mm