Monday, February 25, 2013

Joining the blue cardigan

Following the knitting instruction, I am at the point where I should join the fronts and the back of the cardigan together... but I am not sure.  I check reference books, try the cardigan on, still I can't decide.  Then I have a light bulb moment. I found an old sweater that fits me perfectly and put it on my dress form.
Put the knitting on top of the sweater.
I can see the sides are too wide apart.  Now I am sure; I have not done enough.
 A few more rows later...the two sides are touching each other.  I can start knitting the body in one piece.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bulky Blue Cardigan

I feel like a busy bee, buzzing happily, knitting away, using up stash of yarns and finishing off UFO one by one. Here is my next to-do: a top down cardigan.
 Using a provisional cast-on method to start the project.
Knitting with very large size needles: 8mm.  Done a ball of yarn already.
11 more balls of yarn to go...till next time.  Take care and thank you for visiting.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blocking the ruffle shawl

Finished knitting this shawl over a week ago but it has been cold with us.  Today is lovely warm day, perfect weather to block the shawl.

I purchased this foam flooring from BJ's Wholesales Club as the blocking bed.
 Pinning out the washed shawl on the bed.
I must say I did not have a good experience knitting this shawl.  I wanted a smokey grey or very pale blue color, so I chose the silver birch.  It looked smokey silver on screen and birch is a silver tree.  The yarn turned out to be a sage green. I know color varies a little on screen, but this much?

What is more disappointing was the fact that I purchased it as a kit from Morehouse Farm at full price. But it did not give enough yarn for the project.  The pattern said knit 8 rows of edging then cast off.  There is only enough yarn to knit 5 rows before casting off.

Wishing you better luck if you too are knitting this from a kit.