Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Craft Apron

I finished my craft apron over the weekend. I love the two big pockets but they don’t show up too well on the photo. I tried it out already. It does a good job in keeping fibre and dust from sticking to my clothes when I do hand-spinning.
I rummaged through my stash and selected these two tops to sew next...
...and just started knitting this little bunny in a brown colour yarn.
I am busy too in the garden. The cold weather brought down a lot of pine needles and leaves (you can see them all over the lawn around Poppy). So I am doing a lot of raking right now, two to three hours per day. It is lovely to have Poppy to keep me company and the weather is warming up so it is quite nice to be outside.
Till next post.
Have a great week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Sausage Dog

I have been meaning to make this little doggie for a long time. I want to find out how to knit a toy all in one piece with no joining and no sewing. I cast-on on Friday night and once I started I couldn’t put it down.

This is a very clever pattern using many knitting techniques.
The finished toy will look up to you with that doggie begging expression, very cute.
I gave the toy four brown paw pads just like Poppy’s.
The finished size is about 13 ½ inches long from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. It is only about 5 inches tall from top of the head to the floor.Materials:
* I hand spun the yarn from a mixture of Jacob and Dorset fleece. 6 wraps per inch so it is about chunky weight.
* 12mm dark brown eyes with safety backing and I purchased them from crscraft.com
Knitting needle size: 4.50mm
Pattern: The pattern is called Victoria and you can download it free from http://zijmaakthet.web-log.nl/zij_maakt_het/

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starting two new projects

We have some good news this week. The immigration department has approved our application to stay in this country. They have also given me authorisation to work too. So this week I have been working on my resume and have been looking around for suitable work in my local areas.

It has not been a good week for Poppy because I was not doing routine stuff with her. Also after the long break between Christmas and New Year my husband went back to work. After we dropped him off at the airport, when we got home, Poppy went and hid in the garage, in the dark, and sulked. She was missing her human daddy.

By Thursday evening I was ready for a break from the job search and was sorting things out to start some new craft projects; I think Poppy felt that she had had enough too and would not be ignored anymore. She came over to me, stepping on to my sewing paper pattern that was lying on the floor, did a big lazy stretch and proceeded to bark. The result of her complain? The sewing pattern was tear apart by her paws and my plan to do some craftwork was postponed.

Well, her human daddy returned home yesterday. Poppy was a happy puppy again. I managed to tape the pattern together. I want to sew an apron to replace the one I wear when I do hand-spinning. It is the shorter length one in the picture.
Then late last night I started knitting this cutie called Victoria. Go to her blog's sidebar on the left for the free pattern. It is knitted all in one piece. I asked someone who has already done it and she said that it is not simple, at certain points, it can be tricky. So far I have done the two front legs and am working on the body towards the bum.
Unless Poppy is mad with me again, I am hoping to finish these two new projcets quickly. Till next post. Take care.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A cold start to 2010

We carried on with more home improvement work last week: replacing internal doors, stripping wall papers, painting walls, doors and ceilings…so I have not been doing much craftwork at all.

I did spend time tidying up my craft room though and set up a Work-In-Progress section in my blog’s sidebar. Going through my hobby stuff, I realised that I have finished all the projects I started in 2009, but the three pre-2009 projects are still outstanding. I really would like to complete these in 2010. So I set up the work-in-progress buttons as a way to motivate and to remind myself to get them done.

Last year I have done well with using up my stash of yarns, but I need to sew more and spin more in 2010….yes, I confess… my stash of fleeces and fabrics are just as big.

Also I found that I really enjoy making toys last year. I think my youngest sister knew because she gave me these adorable knitting patterns as my Christmas present. It sure is a good way to use up remnant yarns and I guess I will be making more toys in the New Year.
Talk about gifts, you know how some pet owners say that their cats and dogs bring in presents like dead bird or mouse? Well, thank goodness Poppy is not like that. Otherwise she would have brought in a big dead lizard. This is what she found this morning. Poppy just altered me there is something strange in the yard and I went and checked it out.
The weatherman says that a deep freeze is moving across the world. It is cold here too. Cold blooded reptiles shut down their system when the temperature drops below 40fº/4cº. It was near freezing last night. It was just too cold for them. In case you are wondering, this is what it normally looks like.
It has been a cold start to 2010 and a slow start for me with my craftwork. Let's hope that it is going to warm up soon. OK, I will say bye for now. Take good care of yourself where ever you are. Stay warm and stay safe.