Monday, January 3, 2011

An egg cracking expert

New Year day, I gave Poppy a fresh egg as her treat. She used to love this when she was a puppy.

A little while later, I came back out in the yard to check on Poppy and saw that she has left the egg alone. O, I thougth, Poppy has grown out of eating eggs.
How wrong I was...Poppy has carefully cleaned out the egg and left the shell intact.She is quite an egg cracking expert, isn't she?

My Home

In the run up of the 2009 Christmas my husband and I replaced our kitchen floor. Not sure if we have started a tradition, we worked hard with our 2010 Christmas to get our house ready for an overall paint.

This is before:
This is after.
O, the vine is not growing back. No more snakes on the vine, thank you.

My Stash

I have always considered 3 as my lucky number. Well, today is 3rd of January. Let's start the New Year in blog land with three posts in one day.

I was so busy last year in my effort to put my career back on track that my home and my needle crafts have been taking a back seat.

My goals for 2011? Only three simple ones: (1) Spend more time for my home and hobbies. (2) Stop buying new patterns. (3) Using up my stash.

Here is one box of yarns and one box of fabrics. I have 9 boxes all together plus a big basket full.

And a closet full of fleeces.Hope you have a great start to 2011 already.

Happy Stitching.