Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hand made round teabags

My husband brought home some special teabags when he traveled to work in Europe recently.
They are special because each teabag is hand tied. The bag is made from cotton muslin, not paper.  The price ticket reflects that of course.
This gives me an idea; I can make the sachet for my chamomile tea.

I was able to find all the tools and stuff I need around the house.  Labels for the teabags.
Cutting the cotton muslin into 5" circles.
Tea leaves, cotton string (for cooking), a little dish, and a mini Bowdabra.
Then off I went...loose tea leaves on the muslin.
 Fold the muslin in half.
Gather the folded edge together. Don't over stuff the sachet. Tealeaves need room to expand.
 Put the cotton string in the Bowdabra.
 Put the sachet's gathered edge into the Bowdabra.  I can now use both hands to tie the sachet.
 Wrap the string around the sachet and tie one more time.
Use scissor to trim back the excess string/muslin on the gathered edge and add a label.
My home made chamomile teabag is the one with a brown label.

The 5" circle gives great result.  It is a perfect match in finished sachet size to the shop purchased Earl Grey French Blue which is the bottom one with a black label.