Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fabric tulip flower

Worked on the leave...
... then the stem this morning.
Used a Tube Turner to turn the stem inside out after sewing.  A new set of Tube Turner is surprising expensive.  I purchased a second hand set from an online auction shop.  It is well worth the trouble of getting this tool.  It makes the job of making fabric stripe so easy.
 Here is my first fabric flower.  So pretty, love it.
I use the flower pattern from the Chinese book and follow the flower making instruction from the English book "Fabulous Fabric Flowers".  The Chinese book has instruction too, but the English book is much better, clearer and more concise.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's on my desk top Wednesday?

Playing with fabric; learning to make a few simple fabric flowers.  Traced out the full size tulip pattern directly onto thick cards using a light box.
 3 pink petals make one bloom.
 Using a stuffing fork to fill a little tulip flower with stuffing.
The light box is called LightTracer by ArtoGraph.  I purchased it from my local Joann craft store when it was on sales. 

The blue regular stuffing fork is by Barbara Willis Designs.  I searched around for one and got mine for about $12 from an online shop called SweetBearCreekWhims ( It is a great little tool for small project like this one.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A blue summer top

Finished another UFO. 
I received many compliments when I wore this little top; very happy with how it turns out.

Sewing Pattern: Simplicity 4176.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Knitting needles - made in the USA ?

I have been wanting to make this red coat for a while.  I finally got round to order the yarns and pattern and am ready now to make a start.

I normally don't have much problem with getting the right tension/gauge but this one throws me off totally.  This knitting pattern is from the US and asks for size 6mm knitting needles and chunky weight yarn.  

I knitted a swatch and it was way off.  I knitted a second swatch and it was much better.
The difference?

The first swatch on the left used 6mm knitting needles made in the UK.  The second swatch on the right used size 10 (6mm) knitting needles made in Montana USA.  

I guess where your knitting needles are made are important.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Mini Iron

I purchased this mini iron from a local Jo-Ann craft store during a sales.  I want to use it for some applique work; it turns out to be a great little tool for dress making too. 

It applies the fusible interfacing to the fabric with precision.
 An old sewing UFO is almost done.