Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Little Chunky Star

Grace-Poppy De LaVillaRoy is a blonde female Hovawart. A dual purpose working dog: as a guardian and as a companion. This breed originates from the Hertz and Black Forest regions of Germany but Poppy was born in Saint-Paul (Québec) Canada. She took a plane to join us when she was only 8 weeks old.
Having a dog is a lifelong commitment, so I did a lot of research before deciding on the breed and the breeder. What none of the books told me was how soft Poppy’s fur is.
Over the first two years, I kept Poppy's fur each time she was bathed and brushed, so the fur was superclean and fluffy soft.
My husband asked me what I intend to do with it all...don't know, a little keepsake of some sort.
Finally got round to spin Poppy's fur into Poppy yarn.
I made a thick yarn, about 8 wraps per inch, similar thickness to Aran or worsted weight.
And I made it into a chunky star, Poppy after all is a big girl.
The pattern is actually a snowflake sachet. You can’t see it from the picture but the centre has two layers and an opening in the back so it could be used as a pocket to hold scented stuff. I think I will fill it with some pine cone flakes. Poppy always gets pine sap on her when she goes out into the garden, and more often than not, she smells of pine.
Pattern: Crochet Snowflake Sachets by Annie's Attic (Leaflet No 87S72)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blue Ridge, Georgia – a Cabin Vacation

My husband had been working so hard and he needed a break. Also it was my birthday last week; hubby suggested that we should get away for a week. He wanted me to pick the type of holiday and location…decision, decision…since I have Georgia on my mind (lol, I couldn’t resist) I settled on a cabin retreat somewhere in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Approximately 720 miles from our Florida home, we drove and headed towards the mountain.
Our first ever cabin vacation.
It might be sunny, I was actually cold. The temperature dropped down to 37ºf (3ºc) at night for a couple of days. But it was fun to light up a fire with real wood!
Side view of the cabin.
View from the other side.
You can't see it from the above pictures, but there were these pretty little flowers all over the place, growing wild.We tried out the southern food like fried green tomatoes, fried chicken livers, cream corns, and banana pudding. Local people were so friendly and made us feel so welcome. My hubby did his best to spoil me and Poppy...this was a great get away and a lovely birthday present.

Blue Ridge GA: Poppy’s First Fish

We really liked the deck at the back of the cabin which sits over the water.
While hubby set up the lines for fishing
Poppy chilled out on the deck and I did some knitting.
Poppy didn't know what to make of the baby trout.
This was her first live fish and she was watching closely.Releasing the fish back to the river.

Blue Ridge GA: To Chattanooga Tennessee

After a couple days of chilling and fishing at the cabin we made a day trip to visit Chattanooga in Tennessee. We checked out a dam on our way there.
Poppy and I waiting for hubby to take some pictures.
View of the dam.
Further down the road, having a break so that Poppy could have a swim in the Ocoee Lake.
At Chattanooga Tennessee, walking across a bridge from the art museum. We are no good with height so we didn't like that at all. A river boat.

Blue Ridge GA: Shopping in Main Street

We had a shopping day one day. We worked our way from one end of Main Street to the other end.
This restuarant let us sit outside with Poppy to have coffee and lunch.

The train station at the other end of Main Street.
Hubby writing a postcard to his dad.

Blue Ridge GA: To Brasstown Bald

After checking the weather forecast, we decided to stay close to the local area because it was going to rain in the afternoon. Hubby suggested that we should check out the highest point of Georgia: Brasstown Bald.

Did I mention that I am no good at travelling? I get motion sickness. Did I also mention that the mountain roads are like roller coaster rides? And that the roads have sharp zigzag bends? The worst thing was that we took a wrong turn.

So we were in the middle of nowhere, not a soul in sight, not a vehicle nearby. And would you believe it? After I asked hubby to stop our car, and while I was bending over at the side of the road and was about to empty the content of my stomach, a Georgia Sheriff drove towards us. I must have turned green at that point. Poppy showed her concern by sticking her head out of the car window and watched my progress. The Sheriff actually came to a stop to ask if we were ok. Once he understood our situation, in his deep southern voice, he wished us a good day. All I could manage was a weak wave and thought I would certainly try.

When I thought we finally arrived at Brasstown Bald, hubby informed me that the road to the observation tower was closed and that we would need to walk to the top. Can’t believe my luck, I wasn’t even dressed for hiking. But I had come this far now and I wasn't about to give up. So onwards.
Having a break.
Hurrah...made it.
At the observation tower, hubby telling Poppy we were having a break and then a Walk and then DinDin.
Poppy knows the words Walk and DinDin for dinner.
Looking back at the car park where we left our car.
Another view from the top at 4,784 ft.

Blue Ridge GA: Pictures for my Sisters

I have three younger sisters and one of them has “Piggy” as a nickname. My father gave her that name because she was such a cute baby. Anyway, when we were touring around the areas and I saw the “piggly wiggly” supermarket sign, I just had to take a picture.
And this little pig is right outside a BBQ restaurant.
My sisters love barbecued ribs too. We were waiting for our dinner.
In the past I have threatened to get a pet for my pet. I actually went inside this Feed & Supply store; I nearly came out with an angora rabbit. It was so cute with white fluffy fur.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wild Life in Our Garden - Soft Shell

It is getting hot with us now. Some areas of the lawn are drying out. We took a walk around the garden to check up on things and even though it was so hot, Poppy insisted on coming along.

We were walking pass the green bamboo when Poppy started barking. She was on her alert mode, telling us something’s up.
Hubby went to her to take a look. With Daddy by her side, Poppy was brave enough to have a close-up inspection.
We didn’t know what it was at first. Our neighbour told us it is a Florida Soft-Shell Turtle.
He is not very handsome, is he?