Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blocking the ruffle shawl

Finished knitting this shawl over a week ago but it has been cold with us.  Today is lovely warm day, perfect weather to block the shawl.

I purchased this foam flooring from BJ's Wholesales Club as the blocking bed.
 Pinning out the washed shawl on the bed.
I must say I did not have a good experience knitting this shawl.  I wanted a smokey grey or very pale blue color, so I chose the silver birch.  It looked smokey silver on screen and birch is a silver tree.  The yarn turned out to be a sage green. I know color varies a little on screen, but this much?

What is more disappointing was the fact that I purchased it as a kit from Morehouse Farm at full price. But it did not give enough yarn for the project.  The pattern said knit 8 rows of edging then cast off.  There is only enough yarn to knit 5 rows before casting off.

Wishing you better luck if you too are knitting this from a kit.

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