Sunday, December 2, 2012

A cleaning Sunday

My husband and friends have gone down to Miami to watch the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins game.  I decided not to go, stay home and tidy up my craft room instead.

I started off by sorting through all the patterns I have dumped on my desk and organized them in a binder.  I finished the arms of my mohair cardigan and am working on the body now.
 I spent this afternoon to install 2 new software and re-install 2 old ones in my computer..
Intwined Studio and Crochet Charts are new.  The Cross Stitch and MasterCook are old.

I don't normally shop over the Thanksgiving holiday.  This year is my first ever shop on-line on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   I bought a few things; all craft related.

Intwined Studio is a knitting pattern design software $44 and the Stitch Works Crochet Charts is a crochet pattern design software $50.  The applications have a similar look and feel as the other Office programs like Excel and Words.  They are new products, came out in 2010 and 2011.  They have user groups in Ravelry already.  So happy that they keep the price affordable so I do not have to break my piggy bank.

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