Monday, March 18, 2013

Florida Manatees - Haulover Canal

I have always wanted to see a manatee swimming in the open water.  I finally saw one last weekend when we visited Titusville Florida and nearby area.
We waited for a little while and then I saw a great big manatee! To make sure my husband saw it too, I said in quiet excitement "Look!  There's one right in front of me."
Poppy smelled it too.  She cried out to let me know that there was wild animal about.  The manatee swam just below the water surface.  It came up for air; its massive round head appeared above the water.  It soon dived, showing us its dark grey body and its smooth round fan tail. It did not make any noise, such a stealth swimmer.

It is free to visit the Haulover Canal viewing deck and seeing the manatee was priceless. 

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