Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is the season

I was planning to finish knitting the gator scarf over the weekend, but things didn’t turn out as planned. We have been busy caring for Poppy instead.

Poppy is four and half years old now. She has her flea treatment every month. We never have to face any flea problem before…until now. Other dog owners told me that fleas build up resistance to Frontline Plus (we all used this for our dogs). They changed over to Advantage then things were fine again.

Something was biting Poppy, an area on her back just above her butt was worse than the others, but I can’t find any bugs on her. Even then, we did a total clean up. Hubby applied treatment to the yards outside, and I treated all carpeted areas indoor, removed and washed all beddings. We shampooed Poppy, gave her CapStar to kill off any adult fleas for immediate relief, and changed over to Advantix.

Things were better but it is one of those situations where you take one step forward and two steps back. Poppy turned obsessive licking over that area above her butt and we ended up in the veterinarian office yesterday.

The doctor came into the examination room, took a look at Poppy and exclaimed, “No! What happen to you Poppy? Who clipped your hair?” I confessed and explained that drastic problem required drastic action. Poppy’s fur is so thick and I needed to see what I am dealing with, so I shaved her over the weekend. My husband offered, “I helped. I used a pair of scissors but I might have cut some areas a bit too short, so she has a few bare patches.” The doctor took a closer look and in a soothing voice she said to Poppy “That’s OK, the hair will grow back”. Then she turned to my husband and stated “No more clipping for you, and I am not giving you any referral or customer.”

Anyway, the doctor reassured us that it is mainly flea bites. It is the season she said. She checked and Poppy has no flea. An insect could have stung the area on her lower back. It is infected and we need to treat it now. So, with $235 lighter, we were sent home armed with spray, tablets, supplement, an appointment for a follow-up visit, and most importantly an Elizabethan collar (e-collar). Poppy doesn’t look too happy about it, does she?
After all the fuss and our big spring clean up I needed some cheering up: I went shopping on-line. Well, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. I ordered some animal eyes from CR's Crafts for making crochet or knitted toys, and three pattern books for beautiful lace doilies. The surprise was that the eyes actually turned up today, superfast shipping I must say.
I better go now and finish off the rest of my laundry then I can carry on with the scarf.
Have a great day.

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