Monday, March 16, 2009

New borns

I was working in the yard the other day, picking up fallen palm fronds at the north side of our garden when I heard chirping noises. Poppy heard it too and we went to investigate. What we saw kept me and Poppy glued to the ground; there were three little furry baby opossums. One was lost, and he was so tiny he couldn’t see his way home, so he called out. His chirps were answered by his two litter mates who were waiting by the entrance to their den. The little lost one then waddled ever so slowly to wards the guiding noises.

Poppy was so good. She saw the opossums, watched the little one making his way through the bushes, all she did was to nudge me with her nose and gave me a look to say “Did you see that?” I told her, yes I did “They are this year’s new-borns.” And with that, we carried on watching with fascination. The little guy made it safely home. There was a happy reunion and then all three waddled back into the den.

Then it was time for me and Poppy to go home ourselves. On the way back, I suddenly remembered the baby sweater I made for NewBorns-In-Need . I kept meaning to mail it but have yet to get round of doing it. I will do it now - my first ever baby sweater for a charity.

Bambino Double Knitting with Cotton
Knitting needle size: 4.00mm
Patterns: Robin R223

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