Friday, September 11, 2009

Wild Life in Our Garden - Bird of Prey

Poppy is an excellent watch dog. Normally she is very quiet. If she barks it is for a reason. So one day last week I was working in my craft room and Poppy was snoozing away. I had such a fright when Poppy suddenly gave out a single loud bark.

Thinking that it must be the mailman I went outside with her to check it out. But instead of going to the gate, Poppy went right over to an area near the Chinese bamboo.
Usually it takes a few seconds for the mailman to drive down the lane in his delivery van. I waited, but no van. Puzzled, I asked Poppy “What is it?” In response Poppy did her nose thing, pointing high up at the tree as though to say “It’s up there!”
I looked, and I looked…then I saw the back of it.
I had a better view when I went around the other side of the tree…an owl. I didn’t know Florida has owls; and how on earth Poppy knew about it when she was fast asleep in my craft room? Poppy never ceases to amaze me.

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