Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

I was reading a post called WOYWW on Diane.W’s blog and it was fun to look at her craft room. When I followed the link to the original author’s site I was laughing out loud as I read Julie’s comment about the “push back” work desk style. Anyway, here is my first WOYWW.

My work desk is hidden away. You will have to walk through the home office before you can go to my craft room.

The home office. Computer on the right of the picture for all those blog entries. I cut out all my sewing patterns on this tile floor.Looking to the left of the home office. Door way to my craft room. The folding table is my spare craft table.
My craft room. The left side has 3 bookcases holding all my craft books and magazines. 3 baskets on the floor, each holding a project and they are all work-in-progress.The right side: work desk and my rocking chair.
Working on the lilac fairy cross-stitch at the moment.
Top view – right half of the work desk. My husband doesn't like that little blonde doll in pink. He said she stares... The sewing instruction at the back for the first summer top. Pink yarn and few rows knitted for a baby cardigan. A ball of white crochet thread (half hidden by the sewing machine) for a doily. Red embroidery threads, white and red fabric for the Wish Quilt by Bronwyn Hayes. Dark blue on white print fabric for the second summer top. The bundle of blue and red fabric near the front is for a fish appliqué…they’re kind of marinating at this little corner.The left half of the work desk. Big round glass jar at the back is my button jar. Animal Crackers card and paper pads for making cards. Small blue box is my table top bin for rubbish. It's Poppy, she is so nosey; I can't have a bin on the floor.My work desk is not normally this busy, honest. I have not put the sewing machine and the over-locker away because I am going to sew the summer tops... soon. They take up a lot of space, right?

OK, then. Thank you for looking.
Hope your week is going well so far.


  1. Wow,now that's a busy busy desk!!!
    Luvly craft room,like the rocking chair.
    (Not so keen on dolls,they are sort of scary,lol!!!)
    My lil dog,Badger,is just as nosey as Poppy,he rummages through the bins & helps himself to things!!! :o)x

  2. Joyce Thank you! I got your parcel!