Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few photos

In my last post I meant to upload a few photos over the weekend. Then the unexpected happened. We were without water for a couple of days. Poppy injured her paw and my husband had to travel at very short notice. Things are back to normal now. Here are some of the pictures I want to show you.

I am making progress with my crochet.
Took Poppy to the Juno dog beach. Boy, it was so windy. Poppy was on the far left.
Too cold for me to go near the water...and yes, that was when Poppy told me she has done something to her paw.
Don't often have cold and windy days in March. It is warming up though. I know Spring is coming when I see this plant in flowers.
Just love the color.


  1. What a beautiful crocheted piece! Just lovely. I hope Poppy's paw is better :o)

  2. Hi my Friend :) I loove your pineaple-crochet and Poppy and your spring and soo beautiful flowers around...I wish I could be there with You& play around the beach and crochet this and that aand talking a l o t :)))

    Happy Sunday to You & we´ll be hearing... :)

  3. Your doily is coming along beautifully! It's going to be a real stunner. I'm sorry Poppy got hurt but I'm glad she is feeling better!