Saturday, March 26, 2011

Curtains for my craft room

Poppy is all better now and she is her happy self again. It is hot outside already. Poppy has chosen a cool spot, checking out a little ant while waiting for my husband to come home from the airport.
Does she really know that her human Daddy is on his way home? If I tell her "Michael, home." "Poppy waits for Michael." then yes, she knows.

While Poppy is on watch duty outside, I started on my craft room curtains inside. I bought a piece of fabric that has the pattern of these leaves.
I finally able to use up the curtain gathering band from my stash.
It looks better in real life.
Curtains are not popular in Florida and I could not find any net curtain easily. So I use voile instead, also from stash.
Here is my finished project.
I am happy with the result. It makes the room more cosy.

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  1. I like your draperies! I love how new drapes can really change the whole feel of a room. Very nice job! :)