Saturday, July 16, 2011

Decoration for my work place

My current employer is very pet friendly. Poppy visited and stayed with me one Friday afternoon. She was so well behaved. She would give people love and kisses when they wanted to pet her, otherwise she settled down in her corner under my desk.
My work cubicle is rather bare. As it happened we have moved to a new expanded area yesterday. My new station looks the same but it will be my permanent home. I want to decorate it with handmade stuff.

Gathering up scraps and yarn ends.
Using an Embellish Knit to make I-cord…it is very fun to use.
My first butterfly...going to make leaves and flowers now.
Thank you for visiting, until next time, take care and have a great weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Hey my friend, You have butterfly too :) Nice :)
    How is it going with decorations,house full already? =)

    Your Poppy doggie is so sweet looking in every picture,give a biiig hug to it & Teppo says mjaurs to you too :))

    Aaand your made japanese pineapple doily looks veryveryvery g r e a t !!! Eeek !! ...if I only had nerves todo... but ok,childrens things is my "it" :)

    So How is it going with the toy elephant? Whose design it is?..I think I´ve seen that before...was it Dart´s or ... One good designer in ravelry is Twins, do you know their toys&decos? Actually they are 2 sisters...ok, now I let you go, Happy first week of August to You and Poppy