Monday, July 27, 2009


Even though both the British and the American speak English, they often use different terms for the same thing. For example: what the British calls crisps, the American calls chips. Chips to the British are French fries to the American.

I thought patchwork is patchwork, right? Not so. I just learn that what the British refers to as patchwork, the American calls it English Paper Piecing. American patch-work is generally machine-stitched together in geometrical blocks. English patchwork uses small patches such as hexagons and is usually worked by hand.

My patchwork is of the English variety. I know, on and off…I have been working on it over the years, sooooooooooo s-l-o-w. I picked it up again and made good progress though over the weekend.
I actually did a calculation and worked out that I roughly need 730 pieces. I have done 157 patches, just 573 more hexagons to go…not long now. One can always hope, right?

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