Friday, July 17, 2009

Wild Life in Our Garden – Squirrel Food

Squirrel – what do they eat?
Would your answer be...acorn? But the oak tree that has acorn does not grow here; it is too hot for them. We have many palm trees though and they are flowering now. This palm tree has already finished flowering and is producing big bunches of seeds. The seed turns red as it ripens and the squirrels here love them.
As usual Poppy was busy chasing squirrels this morning. In a hurry to get away from Poppy, the little squirrel dropped his breakfast. It’s the green one on the left. The middle one which has been completely hollowed out and the red one must have been last night’s dinner.
So, what do squirrel eat? Now, I would say that it all depends on where they live.

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