Monday, October 19, 2009

Our niece's Hello Kitty

When Sarah had booked her tickets to come over to see us, I suggested in an email that I could show her how to knit or to crochet during her stay with us if she was interested.

Sure enough she checked with my sister Frances before coming over and Frances gave her a selection of amigurumi crochet patterns.

Even though we have been busy during the 3 weeks of Sarah’s visit, we found time to crochet.

Here, Sarah cast on her first chain foundation stitches. She started the project towards the end of week 1 at our home in Florida.
This was now week 3 in a hotel when we were visiting Washington DC; Sarah was focusing on her project.Sarah finished her Hello Kitty before flying back home. Isn't it cute?
Her first ever crochet project. Here is a side view.
Sarah is such a quick learner. I have only showed her how to cast on and how to increase, she figured out how to decrease and how to shape the toy all by herself. So proud of Sarah’s achievement.

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