Thursday, October 29, 2009

Simon Gnome

This is my second Yuletide Gnome toy. It will catch a plane next month going over to the UK to live with my sister number 3.
Sister #3 said that her husband likes all earthy colours like brown, beige, sand, pale blues, navy, grey..etc So this little gnome is wearing Simon’s favourite colour.
I think I got the hat right this time. I turned the hat in such a way that it has a rolled up edge which is how it was in the pattern.
I used double knitting wool and alpaca yarn. This second gnome is softer to the touch than the first one.
Hope your week is going well so far.

* * * * *
Pattern: This is available online from Alan Dart - the toy designer's website. See side bar for the link.
The knitting pattern gives you instruction to knit flat with two needles. I adapted the pattern and knitted the gnome all in the rounds. If interested, you can see how I did it by going to the sidebar and click on a post folder called “Yuletide Gnome in the Rounds”.


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  2. Hi! Happened to be visiting you! I saw a gnome. He is super! Gnome is an absolute charm!

  3. So adorable Joyce!! Did you see my clickable image on my blog?!!! Thanks to you... I figured it out for one design, I need to talk to you about getting those cute thumbnails together! I have been reading and reading and I really enjoy your blog. Talk to you soon!

  4. heehee, he'll love it! will make sure he's looked after ;) (I love the last photo with that sheep propping him up LOL) x