Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fort Myers, Florida

My husband took a few days off work and we decided to spend a long weekend at Fort Myers in the west coast of Florida.

The hotel receptionist was so good. She told us that most tourist beaches do not allow dogs, but Poppy can visit City beaches. She gave us map, written directions and marked out all the dog allowed places.

We headed towards a City beach in Sanibel Island and it was not crowded at all.
Poppy just couldn’t wait; she dived right into the water and swam way out.
I was walking slowly, taking in the scenery, was surprised to see so many different kind of sea birds, and there was something else…this fish smell. I was wondering what it was or where it came from. Poppy found it first. The whole shore line has a band of sea shells, mixed with a few dead fish and dead crabs, sea weeds…all baking in the sun.
When we were back at the hotel, hubby wanted to watch the games (American football), Poppy was tired and went straight to bed, and I was happy to work on my patchwork.

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  1. Joyce - next time you visit the area, let me know!!!! I live in Bonita Springs.

    Thomcat aka Cathy