Friday, November 6, 2009

Half & Half

The mailman delivered a small parcel yesterday. My sister sent me two balls of yarn with a small hand-made note and some little metal charms. I am so delighted. My stash of yarn is well stocked now to make lots and lots of toys.
The Hayfield Bonus Double Knitting Flesh Tone is considered by some knitters as the best colour for making toy faces. 100% acrylic and it is priced at around £1.30 to £1.65 back in the UK, that’s about $2 to $2.60. However, they are like gold dust over here in the US. Shops are selling them from $9 each.

Anyway, my Ribby Yoke Jumper is coming along. I did this last Sunday.
I did the back and the two sleeves using the chunky knitting machine. I have jointed the pieces together and am going to knit the yoke in the rounds by hands.
I think I should call this my Half & Half Jumper: half hand-knitting and half machine-knitting.

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