Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Furry Pine Cone

I was gardening in the front yard the other day. I was just about to pick up a small pine cone when I froze and stared…this little pine cone was furry? What on earth…?
I turned it over with a stick, still not sure what I was looking at.
Then I saw its face. It must have dropped down from the pine tree because of the cold weather overnight.
Not wanting Poppy to come into contact with the bat or me stepping on the little creature, I moved it to a palm tree by the roadside. It was hanging upside-down and it was not happy of being moved.
After a while, it settled down and slept the day away in the shade. Came night fall it was gone.
I have never seen a bat up close before. I am relieved to find out that this bat eats insects and bugs, and it is not a blood sucker.


  1. It looks kind of cute,but wouldn't dare touch it,LOL!!! :o)x

  2. Oh, I would have been freaking out! I once walked into the lobby of my very first apartment just after the maintenance guys had cleaned the attic. There were about 50 bats just flying around in a panic, trying to figure out how to get out. Ever since then, bats creep me out.