Thursday, February 11, 2010

Poppy Score

The economy is not good right now, so looking for work is hard anyway. In my case it is harder still. Potential employers are concerned about my skills because I have not been able to work for the last 6 years.

Late one afternoon I was asked by a recruitment agency to take some on-line tests to assess my accounting and Excel skills. Poppy was hungry and she wanted her walk. But I really needed to do these tests. My husband is working away from home this week. So I could only ask Poppy to wait for me.

The questions got harder as I went along, and still there were more to come…I pushed on, by the time I looked up, it was dark outside. Poppy has been waiting for a long time and was becoming impatient. She came over, nudged me, telling me to stop.

I stopped for a few minutes and gave Poppy some love and attention. I tried telling Poppy, not long to go now, on the last test already, just few more questions.

Next day, I got the test results. I did very well for the first test, OK on the second one, but not so good on the third one. When I took a closer look at the last test score, one question stood out. It showed that I spent 6 minutes on that question. Yup, that’s my Poppy score, 6 minutes of cuddles and kisses.

Perhaps Poppy knew how I was feeling; she stays very close to me this week. We resumed our raking today. The rain stopped work for a few days. Then the weather turned cold and windy again. Areas I have cleared are now covered by fresh fallen pine cones, pine needles and bamboo leaves. When I went outside to deposit the garden waste by the road side, Poppy made sure she was close by. Can you see her?
A close-up. Can you see her now?
She really is my little guardian angel.

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  1. This is a great pleasure to have such a loyal and loving dog.