Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bunny Girl

The pattern for this bunny is to knit it in flat pieces and then sew them together. I tried to avoid as much sewing as possible by knitting it in the rounds.
The body parts: a head, a body, two ears and a tail. I changed the ears a bit and made up the tail myself rather than using a white pompom as suggested by the pattern.
Here is the bunny girl. I knitted her in the nude.
Since she is a babe, I am covering her modesty with a green leaf for now. I need to sort out her wardrobe next.
We have a week of good weather last week, and then it started raining yesterday. Just as well, I need a rest from all those raking and gardening work.
* * * *
Materials: The pattern asks for Double Knitting yarn. I used Red Heart Sport in fawn beige colour which is slightly thicker than DK.
Knitting needle size: 3.50mm
Pattern: Bunty Bunny by Debi Birkin

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