Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doggie Story: Noisy Neighbors

Last year, on Poppy’s birthday, I posted a doggie story. Well, it is that time of the year again. I will share another story with you.

When we first moved to our home it has this heavy brown front door with a metal frame. The house sits in a large tropical garden.
One late evening my husband and I settled down to watch a movie. Suddenly, we heard a loud noise resonated through the house. It sounded like a wild animal’s mating call, or some sort of strange big bird, I thought it was coming from the tree tops outside in the backyard.

As you can imagine, Poppy went mental and insisted on going out to investigate. I went with her. I used a powerful torch light to scan the tree tops, I couldn’t see anything. Poppy searched the yard and she turned up nothing.

A couple of days later that noise happened again. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and thought it came from the front garden this time. I went to the front door with Poppy by my side. As I stood there with the door opened, the animal made the noise again. Poppy started sniffing the door up and down and found the source of the noise.

Can you see the white arrow on the door?

A closer look...

Tree frogs. You wouldn’t think these small creatures made those big noises, but they did.

We changed our front door. Poppy can relax now, no more noisy neighbors.

Happy birthday Poppy. Happy seven years' old.

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  1. Happy 7th! May you have many more, Poppy. What a cute picture of her stretched out by the door--so comfy!