Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rained In

It is hurricane season with us and it rains more or less every day now. Turn on the sound loud if you want to hear the rain.

When we get rained in like this, Poppy and I would hide out in my craft room. While I picked up the stitches to make the elephant body… Poppy worked on her treat. Making progress with the little toy.


  1. Looking gooo-od :) And boy how green of envy I am cause your working chair !!! I could "swing" around all days if having that kind of lovely chair in my studio...i do have one red simple "round&round,oops we go -ikea chair"...but it is not like yours :))

    Happy Sunday to You & Wof to Poppy

  2. Your craft room looks so cozy! Especially when it's pouring and you have a dog next to you for company :o)