Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yuletide Gnome

I promised myself not to start any more knitting or crochet project until I have finished all the outstanding ones. Apart from the little pink cardigan, which I am waiting for a set of circular knitting needles that’s on back order, I am good now to rummage through patterns for new projects. I love moments like these; so many nice patterns, so many things I want to make, and so much fun just looking through old files and books.

Decision, decision…there are a few things I have been meaning to make, also I am thinking ahead now for Christmas…so I write down my next To-do list and have just made a start with a toy: the smallest Yuletide Gnome designed by Alan Dart.

My mother-in-law bought a knitting paperback book and posted it for me towards the end of 2007.
I read through the pattern first and really don’t like the idea of sewing so many little flat pieces of knitting. I make some notes so that I could knit the toy in the rounds. Here is the first leg knitted in the rounds in one piece. So cute.


  1. I love that gnome pattern! It is so cute! If I remember right, I think I made mine in the round too.

  2. I'm working on a gnome now and trying to knit in the round - thanks for your notes!!!

    Cathy from Bonita